Top Five Fantastic Pharmaceutical Packaging Designs

— By FeedbackGuru —
Designers for pharmaceutical packaging need to keep a lot in mind when they come up with a new product. Some of the requirements of drug packaging include:

  • Anti-counterfeit considerations
  • Compliance to GMP standards
  • Patient compliance
  • Shelf appeal

Not to mention the primary objective of making the product sell better than its competitors. But, once in a while, there comes a brilliant pharmaceutical packaging design concept that will make heads turn.

Creative pharmaceutical packaging breaks away from the standard mold and offers the consumer a sort of visual incentive to purchasing the product. Whether it is a syrup, a capsule or a tablet, designing an attractive packaging adds an inspirational dimension to your product.

Pharmaceutical packaging ideas that inspire

Out of the box and creative pharmaceutical packaging is the key to setting your product apart from your competition. Here, we have handpicked the best five pharmaceutical packaging ideas that have made the user experience far better than others.

5. VariBlend dual chambers tube

The patented dual-dispensing design created by VariBlend in association with Viva Healthcare Packaging, makes it perfect for pharmaceutical products that need precise blending. The clever design is ideal for use across a range of product categories. What makes the innovative packaging even more attractive, is that the tubes can be customized for optimal shelf appeal.

However, there are certain severe drawbacks to this kind of pharmaceutical packaging also. It can cause confusion in the minds of your potential customers, making them overlook the product altogether.

4. Allegra’s non-drowsy antihistamine allergy medication trial package

Allegra’s A-shaped trial packaging for their non-drowsy antihistamine is definitely one of the best hand-picked examples in attractive pharmaceutical packaging designs. What we like best about the packaging is its overt promotion of the company’s logo.

The bright color scheme makes it stand out from the hundreds of other similar drugs available in the market. Packaged by Witko Inc., Allegra’s trial pack definitely ticks all the right boxes needed for attractive drug packaging.

3. NeuThinking Medicine Packaging

The clear communication with sophisticated packaging makes these one of the best examples of innovative pharmaceutical packaging design. The 100% natural cognitive supplement promotes clean and clear thinking and focus. The minimalist packaging design lends an articulate and lucid touch that perfectly conveys this.

One could say that it is too simple, but then that is the very beauty of the packaging, we feel.

2. Vedur Pharmaceutical Products

This pharmaceutical company offers medication for type two diabetes. The pharmaceutical packaging of the products has been aimed at re-visualizing traditional packaging.

The design aesthetics of the innovative packaging by Peter Kanai adds personality to it. It makes use of the perfect balance of the brand personality with the usability of the product.

1. Hyland’s Ointment for Bumps ‘n Bruises

Designing pharmaceutical packaging for kids has to be one of the most challenging tasks for any drug packaging designer. To us, the colorful and fun designs of Hyland’s ointment, are by far the most innovative packing ideas in the pharmaceutical sector.

Parents find it much easier to apply the ointment thanks to the cool packaging that distracts their kids. This is where the success of Hyland’s packaging lies – superb user experience.